Tesla Plastic About Us

Founded in 2015, TESLA PLASTIC became one of the leading companies in the sector with its production capacity of 700 tons per month and 160 employees in 7.500 m2 closed area in Kirac, Istanbul. Our company has been producing garbage bags and pallet stretch films with FLOREX brand using 22 years of experience and knowledge. medical waste bags, industrial waste bags and pallet stretch film as a 7/24 production with different product types. With the production of 700 tons Garbage Bag; can respond to all kinds of garbage bags in Turkey and abroad fast and high quality.

TESLA PLASTIC believes that quality product is possible with high quality raw materials and high technology machines.

TESLA PLASTIC has designed the machine park of the roll garbage bags that it has produced according to the product specifications. This sensitivity in production increases the competitiveness between the other competitors in the sector and affects the product quality in a positive way. With FLOREX brand has taken its place among the leading manufacturing companies in Turkey.

TESLA PLASTIC Turkey and is among the few facilities with the latest technology machines and high production capacity in Europe. Our company, which can meet the expectations of its customers with the production of 700 tons garbage bags monthly, holds all the conditions governed by the state procurement laws. TSE, TSEK, CEVKO, ISO 9001 and having DOMESTIC FINANCIAL documents produced by TESLA, as well as garbage bags brand PLASTIC FLOREX Turkey serves as exports to 12 countries.

TESLA PLASTIC produces its own raw materials by collecting waste products in its recycling facilities with its nature and thinking structure for a more efficient future. Recycling and recycling of waste products reduces the raw material and energy loss to minimum levels and protects the nature. TESLA PLASTIC is a member of CEVKO.